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Are you checking out what’s available in the Discovery Kids Games lineup this year?  Before shopping, it might be helpful to have some general information up-front to guide you in the right direction.

Probably the first thing to know about Discovery Kids Games is that most of the games recommended and sold by Discovery are actually manufactured by other companies.  This is neither “good” nor “bad” – it just is a fact that might surprise some people if they arrive on the website to find out “What games does Discovery make for kids?”  There are some quite fun and mentally challenging games available that are recommended by Discovery for children – and they are most definitely worth taking a look at.

The (non-video) games range from hand-held memory action or word games to a whole lineup of animal games called “Smart Animals” that helps kids learn more about animals – in a fun way. educational toys

Another thing to know is that fairly recently the Discovery Channel has come out with some fun, entertaining and educational kids Nintendo DS video games.  There are four of them total, each of them is centered around the theme of a particular species of animal.  Here they are:

  • Dolphin Discovery
  • Kitten Corner
  • Pony Paradise
  • Puppy Playtime

Whether you are interested in the video games, or other games for kids recommended by Discovery, and if you’re looking any games that go beyond “just fun” and move into the realm of activities that incite imagination and education for kids, the Discovery Kids Games lineup is a great way to go!

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